Why Tylda?

Tylda n.m
plural: tyldys, tyldow
Cornish word meaning tent.

Source: Cornishdictionary.org.uk

I have to be honest. I am not a Cornish speaker. However I hope that my daughter will be. If we lived in Wales, then I could say with some certainty that she would learn Welsh at school and speak Welsh with friends while watching tv in Welsh.

Sadly the Cornish language is not yet as well used or supported. That’s not to say it isn’t used at all- you will almost certainly hear “Gool Peran Lowen!” (Happy St Piran’s Day) on 5th March, you will see the Cornish place names scattered over the County, and if you are lucky enough to know a Cornish speaker personally you might even be wished “Penn-bloodh Lowen!” on your birthday.

I am hoping that by reading this blog someone might decide to learn a bit more about the Cornish language, and maybe even learn to speak it. After all, it will only continue to exist in a meaningful way for as long as there are people who put the time and effort into learning it.

If you want to find out more about the Cornish Language, the MAGA Kernow website is the place to go.

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