Ditching the paper plates

In my last post about shopping for glamping I mentioned that after a fair bit of searching I found some picnic plates and cups that could bring a bit of joy to an outdoor egg mayo sarnie. I really thought I’d find what I was looking for in one of the many outdoorsy shops, but instead I found Steamer Trading had a much better picnic selection, I bought melamine cups by Rice and Epicurean Artisan plates (doesn’t that sound a bit ridiculously fancy!).

Since the sun is shining and the toddler is snoozing I took the opportunity to take some pics.

Now I know that the cups are the classic melamine bright as bunting in the sunshine, but I swear that the plates look so much like real ceramic I’m still kind of scared to drop them! They have a lovely weight to them too, so unlike the paper plates they are replacing you don’t need to weigh them down with half a boulder to stop them blowing away before you get your sandwiches on them.

Did I mention that the reason I needed new cups was because my husband decided to mix paint in my old plastic mug? Well I’m now keeping these beauties in my picnic basket to keep them safe from any further DIY!


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