Keeping your cool

It is currently too hot to stand on the patio barefoot. That’s really pretty hot for British standards. For me it is roasting. The freezer just isn’t keeping up with my ice needs right now and I’m cursing living in a place where air conditioning in houses is practically unheard of. But its not just uncomfortable, getting dehydrated or heatstroke can be dangerous, especially for little children like my toddler.

So what do you do when we get hit by unexpectedly tropical weather?

Here’s my top list.

  1. Get soggy. For those who have to look formal right now (you have my sympathies!) then you might need to stick to running the cold tap over your wrists as often as you can. Everyone else? Crack out the paddling pool, stick it in a shaded spot and get stuck in. I pretend ours is for my daughter, but I don’t think I’m really kidding anyone. Other solutions… water pistols, enthusiastic plant-watering, being really clumsy and pouring your iced drink over yourself. I also shamelessly chuck my top in the sink, get it completely soaked and wear it until it dries out. Bliss. Sadly though these days I won’t be winning any wet t-shirt competitions.
  2. Drink like a fish. No, not booze. That would be a really bad idea. But try to keep a big glass of water within reach and keep sipping it.
  3. Keep your windows shut. I know that sounds counter intuitive, but when it is hot outside you don’t want the hot air to get inside, so keep the windows shut and the curtains closed. As soon as it cools down outside, that’s the moment to open everything up and get the air circulating again.
  4. Try wild swimming! As I’m in Cornwall, I’ve got to admit I try to spend most warm days at the beach. Godrevy and Porthtowan are two of my favourites, though my husband swears by Kenneggy Sands, but there are too many fantastic beaches to mention. If you aren’t lucky enough to live close to the sea there might be a river or lake that you can get your toes wet in. Just make sure you always swim safely.
  5. Multi purpose your rain accessories. On the hottest days of the year your umbrella might be tucked away getting dusty, but it will make a fantastic parasol and is ideal for keeping you in the shade. Use cable ties to attach a golf-umbrella to a broom handle to make a somewhat Heath-Robinson parasol.

The NHS has some more sensible suggestions on their heatwave page.

What are your top tips for keeping cool in hot weather?

5 thoughts on “Keeping your cool

  1. tyldaglamping says:

    I don’t know how I missed that! That’s my favourite solution of all! I may have to do a post reviewing all our local ice cream shops so I have an excuse to visit them all again. Purely for research of course 😉

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  2. lunitarri says:

    I live in the southern part of the United States. It is horribly hot here. We keep cool while camping by using cooling towels. Essentially you dunk them into ice cold water and wring them out. They stay cold a good long while

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