The grand unpacking

Tylda only had to sit in the hallway for a few hours before we dragged her out into the garden to unpack her. Christmas doesn’t even compare. I was SO excited!


First things first. She is heavy. I couldn’t even lift the boxes on my own. I think I will have to start doing some serious weight lifting before I can think about pitching her by myself.

Luckily both bags have fairly heavy duty handles, so my husband (who is not such a weakling as I am) had no trouble shifting her to her temporary pitch.

Then it was time to get stuck in!

The big canvas bag held the tent sides already zipped into the groundsheet, all beautifully rolled and held with a canvas tie. The multi page hand illustrated instruction papers were neatly tucked into the tie. On top of this the centre pole sat in its three parts, each with the Lotus Belle logo engraved into its shiny metal joining sleeve.

Tylda in bags

So neatly packed!

In the black bag was the roofing sheet and two more canvas bags, one holding the curved tent wall poles, and the other had all the guy ropes, two kinds of pegs, a mallet and the centre pole coaster.

Every bit of this tent is more heavy duty, more thoughtfully made, and more beautiful than any tent I have used before. The wall poles have what looks like seriously strong steel wire inside to tension them, and I haven’t seen such strong pegs outside of the circus. The guy ropes are proper chunky ropes, not tiddly near invisible strings for you to fall over. Now obviously this means it’s the opposite of what you need if you are taking your backpack wild camping, but it is perfect for rocking up at a campsite in your car.

Once we rolled out the groundsheet, it was easy to see that it would be straight forward to get the tent pitched. There are only two kinds of pole, and you couldn’t mix them up if you tried. Everything fits together so neatly, and although the instructions look complex they describe the steps well.


The spot we have for her test pitch in the garden is a bit too small, and a lot too lumpy. But with a bit of wriggling around the hedge and some fiddling getting the wall poles into their slots, we got her pitched!

Sitting inside her was extraordinary. Standing inside her was extraordinary! I could actually stand fully upright all the way round, right up to about a couple of inches away from the walls. No contortionist moves needed to get dressed in this tent! She really is quite amazing, and I think describing her fully pitched deserves its own post, so I’m going to save the rest for next time.

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