Toddlers in tents

I haven’t yet posted pictures of Tylda all set up. There is a good reason for this. When we pitched her in the garden we used the only time we really had free- those precious few hours after the toddler’s bedtime. So by the time she was standing there all beautiful it was already nearly dark and taking photos seemed pointless since they could never do her justice.

I have discovered over the last few months that everything is either baby safe or really not baby safe. There really isn’t much in the middle. Things are usually either surprisingly inert or …oh my god get it out of her mouth. And as she grew bigger and got more mobile she seems determinedly attracted to the not baby safe items. So for the time being, our furniture in our house is arranged to block access to the most dangerous and attractive items. We have a coffee table on its side in front of the bookcase, my spinning wheel is tucked neatly behind the sofa and as far as the toddler is concerned we may as well have borrowed some of the Glastonbury Festival fencing to make the fireplace safe as she hasn’t yet figured out how to Houdini her way in there yet. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

However that leaves a bit of a problem.

How do you keep a mischief-magnet toddler safe in a tent?

There will be lots of things in the tent we don’t want her to try to eat. Delicate things she could destroy. Dangerous things that can hurt her. If we try to cook something or even just have a fire for enjoyment, I just know she will try to climb into it.

She doesn’t yet have the understanding to stop doing something when told, and she certainly has no clue about her own safety. She also hates feeling like she is left out or trapped if we try to contain her.

So what’s the plan?

  • Use zipped bags to store absolutely everything when we are not using it. Pray she doesn’t learn how to unzip them yet.
  • Use her reins to keep her close and away from fire.
  • Use the travel cot as a pen, even if we have to fill it to the brim with toys and snacks to keep her happy.
  • Grow eyes eyes in the back of our heads.

I know it will all be ok, and I am almost certainly worrying about nothing. But being prepared never hurts, right?

Any tips for toddler proofing the tent would be gratefully received!

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