I finally have some photos of her!

Please forgive the over/underexposed photos, I’m wishing I had taken some photography lessons, and had something more decent than my phone camera, as I’m not sure these photos really do her justice.


The spot she is pitched in is just a little bit too small, and a little bit bumpy, so she is at a bit of a funny angle, and errrm… sloping, but as its pretty sheltered she will be fine there for a few days. Its one of those kinds of pitches where you go to sleep all fine and then find you’ve rolled your way down to the bottom of the tent by 4am and have the canvas stuck attractively to your cheek. Though that would be an awfully long way to roll in Tylda, as theres enough space in there for at least four double lilos!



I swear the space inside is bigger than our spare room. But the most wonderful, amazing, magical thing is that I can stand up all the way round! I think even a really tall basket ball player could stand up comfortably in the middle as the centre pole is huge. None of these photos really give a sense of the scale of her.


The way the material of the roof all meets in the middle is really pretty, almost like a flower or a snail shell.


Now I can’t wait to get her all kitted out!

4 thoughts on “Tylda!

  1. iwannabealady says:

    This really is luxurious! Do you have your first excursion with her planned out yet? Camping is such a great experience. I’m going to have to go book another trip now!


  2. tyldaglamping says:

    I want to make sure the toddler gets used to sleeping in the tent first, but we are hoping to go for a couple of nights soon! I’ve been desperate to go camping ever since Tylda arrived but it seems like life keeps getting in the way. At least as she’s pitched in the garden I can pretend we are camping!

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  3. iwannabealady says:

    Oh yeah, you’ve definitely made a start of it and I’m sure you’ll be heading out soon. In the meantime, s’mores and stargazing in the backyard is very lovely. You guys should hang up some string lights and make it really magical 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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