We survived!

But only by each taking a nap in the morning. The little sleep destroyer decided that sleep is for losers and she was going to keep us awake all night. The long summer evening and sparklingly bright morning really didn’t help. 4.30am, the birds and cows were all awake and telling each other how wonderful a morning it was, with the toddler joining in with her own dawn chorus.

It certainly wasn’t all bad. For once we woke up in a tent that didn’t have an overwhelming fart smell. I think the tent having so much more space means the air doesn’t get so stale. The double lilo and travel cot only take up about half the tent, so there’s still plenty of space for a couple of chairs and all the other stuff you need camping. The canvas also seemed to keep in the warmth a bit more than our old tent. It got chilly, but not so cold it was unpleasant.

The toddler loved playing in the tent, bouncing on the lilo, running in circles around the perimeter, climbing onto the camping chair. So hopefully with a few more practices and a bit of patience she will get used to sleeping as well as playing in there and we can finally get on the road!

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