Liggars Farm Campsite, a short step from Duloe Stone Circle

Liggars Farm is one of those few places in Cornwall that is both close to the main road, and yet peacefully quiet. Just an 8 minute drive from the A38 at the Dobwalls roundabout, and half an hour from the Devon border, it is surrounded by rolling farmlands. Secluded, but still close enough to the town of Dobwalls to be able to pop out by car to stock up on provisions for your all important camping breakfast. (If you have never fried bacon outside as the dew is still sparkling in the morning sunlight then you haven’t lived!)

It is a small, cosy and fairly basic campsite. In the nearby barn there are two toilets, a shower and a washing up sink. As the campsite is fairly small they are adequate facilities. Luckily this also means it isn’t far to walk when you need the toilet in the night! The real charm of this campsite is that you feel really part of the farm. The country lane that leads to the campsite brings you right past the farm buildings. Sitting next to several fields, from the campsite you are likely to make friends with their herd of cows who are known to peer over the fence with curiosity at their new guests. It is a pretty campsite with a strong rustic country atmosphere. Scattered through the site are old tires filled with beautiful flowers.

We had a great nights sleep, and I’m pleased to report that the Snoozeshade travel cot cover is still earning its keep. In her little den the toddler slept right through the night. She sometimes wakes a little earlier than I would like- about 6.30am, but she wakes even earlier at home! I miss being able to watch her on the monitor, but instead we are treated to her steady snoring all night. How can such a small child make such a lot of noise?

From Liggars Farm head South and you are within easy reach of the seaside at Looe, or turn North and the Bodmin Moor is just over the A38. So whether you like lounging on a beach, walking on a rugged moor, meeting wild ponies, or even riding a steam train, you are in a great location. They even have their own fishing pond, although personally I have never seen the attraction of fishing, I would much rather wander through their woodland walks than sit waiting for a bite.

Even closer, just south of Liggars Farm is the village of Duloe. Here you can really appreciate Cornwall’s prehistoric foundations. Down a short track, and through a sheep field, you can find Duloe Stone Circle. Only re-discovered as a circle in 1801, the ancient monument was split by a hedgerow field boundary. The land owners perhaps thought it was just a collection of randomly placed standing stones, as hard as it is to believe when you stand beside these 6 foot + stone monoliths. It was only when the hedgerow was cut down that the full circle was revealed. I have a lovely mental image of someone coming through with an axe, standing back and thinking “Oh blimey, how did we miss that!?”

If checking out pre-historic monuments is your thing, then have a look at the Megalith website, where you will find a map of Cornwall with so many markers of interest it looks like it has chicken pox.


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